Groups of All Sizes Welcome!

We’re happy you’re considering the Bachelor Syracuse Mine for your school or large group! Here’s some information about the tour and how to schedule your group tour.  For more information or to reserve a date and time please email us or call the main mine office at 970-325-0220 if you get the voicemail please leave a detailed message with your number and we will call you back within the next business day.

SCHOOL GROUP SEASON & TIMES: Tours start daily May 1st 2022, through September 15th 2022. Tour times may vary depending on time of season. Larger groups (over 30 persons) may require splitting into two tour groups running 30 minutes apart. SCHOOL GROUP PRICING & CONDITIONS: The school group rate is available May 1st through June 5th and August 15th through September 15th. Prices are: $7.00 per student, parents accompanying group are $14.99 each, and  school teachers, staff, and bus drivers are free. For school group tours during peak season (June 6th-August 14th) standard rates apply: $18.99 per adult and $8.99 children ages 5-12. Group rates cannot be combined with any other promotion or coupon.


  • LARGE GROUP SEASON & TIMES: Tours start daily May 1th, 2022 through September 15th, 2022. Tour times may vary depending on time of season. Larger groups (over 30 persons) may require splitting into two tour groups run 30 minutes apart. LARGE GROUP PRICING & CONDITIONS: Large group pricing is available May 5th through September 15th. Prices are: $8.99 per child (5-12, children 4 and under are free), $15.99 for parents/teenagers. Group rates cannot be combined with any other promotion or coupon.
  • RESERVATIONS: Reservations are required in advance for group rate tours. Tours must arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed space. Driving times: Ouray 10 minutes, Montrose 50 minutes, Silverton 1 hour 20 minutes, Durango 3 hours. During peak season traffic can be congested, so plan ahead. Once at the site we need 10 minutes to get the school group ready to go underground. We provide rain jackets and hard hats. Rain jackets are not necessary, you may wear your own.
  • GROUP SIZE: We can walk 25-30 folks in per tour. Larger school groups must be split up and will run 30 minutes apart. A minimum of 12 people are required to get the group tour rate. Private tours for large groups are available, instead of going in on the hour we will walk you in on the half hour so there won’t be any conflict with regularly scheduled tours.
  • ACCESSIBILITY INFO: The tour involves a 10-15 minute walk on pretty level gravel pathways (wet & muddy along the way). Limited seating is available but depends on the size of the group. If you need to have a seat let the tour guide know and he/she will take care of you. There are no steep inclines or climbing, it can be slick, so closed shoes are recommended (flip-flops are not recommended) Wheelchair access is not available going into the MINE. If you have difficulty walking, you may turn around and come back out. Restrooms are accessible but require navigating two steps. Claustrophobic folks are welcomed to take the tour. If you feel uncomfortable, you simply turn around and walk back out.
  • MORE INFO: Be sure to allow enough travel time to the mine. Traffic can be very heavy in town and on the highways, so plan ahead. The road to the mine is 1 1/2 miles gravel county road. Parking is available for large busses and RV’s. We also have an outdoor cafe available, which is covered with a large tent to protect you from the elements and a gift shop with mineral samples and toys for the kids. The mine temperature is about 52 degrees F (11 C). Mine tour operations and schedules are subject to change.
  • OURAY INFO: Ouray has been a special destination of world travelers for more than 100 years. This small, intimate community is nestled in some of the most rugged and towering peaks of the Rockies. Set at the narrow head of a valley at 7,792 feet and surrounded on three sides with 13,000 foot snowcapped peaks - Ouray is home to hundreds of miles of historic Jeep roads, sulfur-free hot springs with stunning views and the world-famous Ouray Ice Park.

Remarkably, two-thirds of Ouray's original Victorian structures, are still occupied, and have been lovingly restored in order to preserve their turn-of-the-century charm. Be sure to take the historic walking tour while you’re in town and visit our local historical museums: the Ouray County Historical Society, the Ouray Alchemist Pharmaceutical Collection, the Ridgway Railroad Museum and the Ouray County Ranch History Museum. If you want history off the beaten path, drive or hike to one of Ouray County’s many ghost towns.

For more information on lodging, dining and activities in Ouray, contact the Ouray Tourism Office at (800) 228-1876 or at

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